Where Can I Buy Proscar 5 mg (Finasteride) Online No Prescription

Proscar over the counter

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What is Proscar?

Proscar contains , a drug that the effect of male sex hormones is reduced. Testosterone stimulates the in men, among other things, the growth of the prostate, a gland located under the bladder. If the prostate becomes too large, it can press on the urethra and problems with urination. ensures that the prostate to contract, resulting in discomfort during urination will be reduced or offense.

What is this medicine?

Proscar is prescribed in complaints to the water, which are the result of an enlarged prostate. This is a disease, which is also under the name of BPH (Benign prostatic hyperplasia). The discomfort during urination, the most occur include:

  • Frequent urge to urinate, also at night.
  • Effort in Stopping the flow of , incontinence
  • Little liquid water, and a lot of dripping
  • An interrupted urine stream
  • Weak Urine Stream.

Prostate complaints and urinary symptoms are particularly common in old age, often. Proscar works against the causes of this disease.

How is Proscar used for?

Proscar must be taken daily at a fixed time with a little liquid. Thanks to the convenient calendar strip you see directly what are the tablets taken. Until the effect is felt, it may take some time. It is important that you use this drug to continue according to the instructions of the doctor. Have not improved the discomfort after a couple of months still? Then a different drug may be better suited for you.


If not otherwise prescribed by the physician, the usual dosage is once daily a 5 mg tablet. In the event that you forget to take Proscar, you can do it, even if it is almost time for the next dosage. Never take a double dose to make up for the missed tablet.

Side effects

Proscar can cause side effects. The intake of this medicine the most commonly occurring complaints:

  • Sexual disorders, as well as reduced Sex drive or impotence
  • Painful sensation in the testicle area
  • Swollen or sore Breasts

For more information and a complete Overview of all side – effects and interactions, read the leaflet.

When should Proscar not be used?

Proscar is not for every one, a suitable drug.Do not use this medicine if you have:

  • female;
  • with your Partner, a child: Proscar passes into semen. Finasteride, the active ingredient may cause serious damage to the fetus. Your Partner must not become so through unprotected intercourse, contact with this drug.
  • to finasteride or to any of the in the tablet is included auxiliary substances cause an allergic reaction.

Proscar has an interaction with other medications. Some drugs that work against HIV and Aids. Enter the Online consultation, what drugs you use.

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