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What is Mebendazole?

Mebendazole is an anti worm agent, anthelmintic called. The active substance contained mebendazole combats worms and their eggs and larvae. The Remains of the worms, larvae and eggs are then excreted in the stool.

What is Mebendazole used for?

After the Transfer the worms to settle as parasites in the intestine, where they feed on the blood of the intestinal wall and lay their eggs. As a result of , diarrhea and weight loss may occur. There is a distinction between different types of worm infection, including:

  • Infestation of grub worms: This type of parasite lays her eggs in the area of the Anus. This leads to itching (especially at night) around the Anus and in the gluteal fold. Pinworms are light yellow to white worms, of a length of about one centimeter. In order to prevent a renewed infection, must be subjected to an infestation of grub worms the entire family of a vermifuge.
  • Infestation of tapeworms: The infestation by a tapeworm is seen in the white, rectangular particles of a size of one to three centimeters, in the chair.
  • Infestation of whip worms: an infection of this kind usually occurs only in warmer countries.
  • Infestation of Roundworms: roundworms are similar to cream-colored earthworms and in some cases, (partial or clusters) in the chair.

Mebendazole fights, the described worm species, resulting in symptoms subside.

How to use Mebendazole?

Mebendazole tablets should be swallowed Whole with some liquid. If necessary, you can chew the tablets before Swallowing. Mebendazole can be before, during or after the meals. You can cancel the application at an early stage. A Mebendazole worm cure may extend over a period of one to several days. The duration of application is determined by the doctor.

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The dosage depends on the type of worm infection. For the majority of the helminth infections, the following dosing recommendations (for adults and 2 years of age):

  • Infestation of grub worms: 1 tablet, after 14 days 1 tablet. The application, where appropriate, after 14 days, repeat.
  • Infestation of Roundworms, whip worms, hook worms: over a period of 3 days twice a day 1 tablet. The worms are not disappeared after 3 weeks, repeat the application.

Mebendazole is not suitable for children under 2 years of age. Read leaflet before use the pack.

Side effects

Mebendazole usually has no side effects. In rare cases, it can lead to complaints such as:

  • Abdominal pain and / or diarrhoea (these symptoms can also be a result of the worm infection, self);
  • Skin rash in a result of an allergic reaction.

These or other side effects should be occur to an increased extent, discuss this with your doctor. In this leaflet you will learn more about this topic.

When should you use Mebendazole?

Mebendazole is not suitable for every Person. You abandon the use of the anti-worm agent, if you:

  • Are allergic to mebendazole or to any of the other ingredients of the drug to react.

Consult your doctor should you are taking any other medicines. The doctor may give information about whether this can be taken in conjunction with Mebendazole.

Pregnancy / Driving Ability / Alcohol

You abandon the use of Mebendazole within the first few months of a pregnancy. The use of Mebendazole during breastfeeding is safe. There are no warnings, which relate to the Driving or the consumption of apply to Mebendazole.

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