What diseases may indicate noise in the head and ears

How manifest Noise in the head manifests itself in different ways. It may sound like a constant or increasing ringing, hum, clicking, whistling, buzzing. It happens loud, barely audible. Appears immediately in two ears, or only in one, fills the entire head. Accompanied by hearing loss, pulsating. Usually, doctors emit subjective and objective noise. The subjective person hears from himself, no one else hears him. However, it is not a… Read Article →

Causes, effects and treatment of insomnia in adolescents and children

Insomnia often worries not only adults, but also children and adolescents. It is noted that about a quarter of the percent of children under the age of five suffer from insomnia. In order to choose a suitable treatment method and avoid negative consequences for the fragile organism, it is important to correctly establish the causes and stage of insomnia. More about the disease Insomnia is also called: dissomnia, agripnia. The… Read Article →

The danger of pinching the nerve in the thoracic region: methods of treatment and prognosis

Description Pinched nerve in the thoracic is largely due to the peculiarities of the anatomical structure of this part of the spine. The thoracic region consists of 12 separate vertebrae – according to the number of ribs. This is the most sedentary part of the back, it carries a small load, but at the same time it performs an important function – it serves as a support for the chest… Read Article →

Tick-borne borreliosis – symptoms, stages, treatment and consequences of the disease

Borreliosis is an infectious disease that is common in certain geographic locations where the pathogen is the causative agent of pathology. In medical terminology, the disease is called systemic tick-borne borreliosis. Infections are also referred to as such: tick-borne borreliosis, erythemal spirochetosis, Lyme disease. The disorder progresses gradually, affecting the tissues of the joints, heart muscle, and nerve plexuses. Pathology is easily treatable, subject to the timeliness of taking antibiotics…. Read Article →

Causes of auditory hallucinations while falling asleep and therapies

Often the cause of hallucinations is the pathology of the central nervous system. In psychiatry, sounds in the head are attributed to several diseases at once – schizophrenia, hallucinatory-delusional syndromes, bipolar affective disorder, depressive states. Types of auditory illusions Auditory hallucinations are: The true ones – a person, seeing such illusions, is sure that they exist in reality. Such noises make it difficult to fall asleep. False – noise inside… Read Article →

Psychosomatic and physiological causes of snoring in a dream

Snoring is a specific process that can accompany breathing in a dream, has a pronounced low-frequency rattling sound and vibrations. It manifests itself due to excessive relaxation of the muscles of the tongue, soft palate, uvula, and other parts of the larynx and pharynx. Currently, the number of clinical trials specializing in the study of the phenomenon of snoring has increased significantly. This is due to the fact that adverse… Read Article →

What is senile dementia: causes, treatments and prognosis

The spread of pathology is associated with an increase in human longevity, malnutrition, poor lifestyle choices, large amounts of drugs, and the emergence of new diseases. general characteristics Dementia (from Latin dementia – “madness”) is a complex disorder of higher mental functions associated with organic and functional brain damage. It is characterized by persistent disorder of memory, cognitive activity, emotional sphere. The patient loses the ability to empathize, to notice… Read Article →

Why tormenting insomnia, causes of disorder depending on gender and age

Almost everyone has a sleep disorder and short insomnia at least once in their life. Anxiety, unresolved problems, intense experiences – all this can lead to the fact that it becomes difficult to sleep. If such cases are rare, then there is no reason for concern. But if insomnia suffers regularly, and sleep problems have become commonplace, it’s time to sound the alarm. So, how is insomnia manifested in adults… Read Article →

Post-traumatic encephalopathy: what is the difficulty of diagnosis and treatment methods

There are diseases that show the first signs a long time after exposure to the cause. Because of this, it is difficult to make an accurate diagnosis, prescribe the correct treatment. These pathologies include post-traumatic encephalopathy. Everyone can meet her without even knowing it. Full information will help to understand your condition, use data on the disease with benefit. Pathology description Post-traumatic encephalopathy is a whole complex of disorders that… Read Article →

Myasthenia gravis: symptoms, causes, and treatment methods

Why does the disease occur? The prevalence of this pathology is 4 cases per 100 thousand population. It is noteworthy that at a young age, the disease most often affects women and adolescent girls, in old age both men and women fall ill with a gender frequency of 1: 1. The reason for the development of myasthenia gravis is not yet fully understood. Today, the following factors can provoke the… Read Article →