The role of diet in the treatment of cerebral atherosclerosis: allowed and prohibited foods, weekly menu

In atherosclerosis of cerebral vessels, drug therapy is the basis of treatment. But for the normalization of the patient’s body condition and the prevention of complications it is important to adhere to a certain diet. Doctors argue that the effect of negative processes can be reduced by choosing the right diet. Why does diet help fight atherosclerosis? Vascular atherosclerosis is a pathological condition of the body, in which deposits form… Read Article →

Why does the temperature rise in intercostal neuralgia, how dangerous is this condition

The nature of the temperature and the reasons for its appearance in neuralgia An increase in body temperature in the case of neuralgia can be observed only when the inflammatory component is attached to the pathological process. Neuralgia itself with intervertebral hernia, trauma, scoliosis, osteochondrosis is not able to lead to the development of hyperthermia. Increasing mercury column above 37.0 aboutC indicates the presence of an inflammatory or infectious-inflammatory process…. Read Article →

Anti-receptor encephalitis: what is this disease and how to treat it

Pathology often leads to death. This form of encephalitis is commonly diagnosed in women with ovarian teratoma. General information Encephalitis is a group of brain diseases. Inflammation of the brain often develops due to the bite of an encephalitic tick, vaccination against a background of weakened immunity, infection. At the beginning of the 21st century, a new type of disease was discovered, which has an autoimmune etiology. Interesting! The disease… Read Article →

What to do when the left side of the head hurts: the causes of dangerous symptoms

Headache is not a separate disease, but a symptom of pathological processes in the body: atherosclerosis, arterial hypertension, inflammation, the presence of various neoplasms. Often, cephalalgia occurs on the background of stress, mental or physical overstrain, and meteosensitive people experience discomfort when changing weather conditions. Why does the head hurt left Morbidity of diffuse nature, moderately severe and rarely occurring, is characteristic of transient ailments (overwork, stressful situations). And pain,… Read Article →

Stages and types of dementia: how much a patient can live with such a diagnosis

The further fate of a person with detected dementia depends largely on the type of disorder. He also determines the subsequent medical strategy aimed at slowing down the process and removing unpleasant accompanying symptoms. The main reasons for the development of pathology Organic brain damage occurs as a result of the natural aging of the human body. The cause of the phenomenon are also violations of the thyroid gland, a… Read Article →

A set of exercises to improve the blood supply to the brain: the result and recommendations of specialists

Complexes and complexity are selected depending on the condition and age of the patient. They are designed for both prevention and rehabilitation. Passive gymnastics The main purpose of passive gymnastics is to restore the connection between the paralyzed muscles and the brain. The principle on which the exercises are based is that stretching the muscular-ligamentous apparatus leads to the formation of nerve impulses and stimulation of the central nervous system…. Read Article →

Why does the right part of the head hurt: features of the symptom and possible causes

Everyone knows a headache: it can occur against the background of overwork, lack of sleep, severe stress, heat stroke, cold and other external factors. If seizures occur rarely, they have an obvious reason, and the painful sensations disappear after resting or taking a weak anesthetic, you should not worry. An alarming symptom is frequent cephalgia, especially if the pain is intense, concentrated in a certain zone, and it cannot be… Read Article →

Depression and insomnia: how to treat and how to get out of the vicious circle

Depression and sleep disorders Depression is a severe emotional disturbance characterized by the following symptoms: Apathy, inability to rejoice. A person is negatively disposed, does not experience excitement, positive emotions. A rare forced smile does not relax, does not contribute to raising the mood, but once again demonstrates displeasure. Violations of thinking. Man’s thoughts are filled with negative judgments about himself and the world around him. He does not believe… Read Article →

Dangerous disease – disseminated encephalomyelitis: causes, symptoms and prognosis

As the disease progresses, symptoms appear that indicate an infectious process associated with the presence of cerebral and focal lesions. Acute disseminated encephalomyelitis The disease often occurs in children and adolescents. In the early stages of development, it is necessary to differentiate it from multiple sclerosis. The main condition for determining the diagnosis is the absence of signs of demyelination before the current episode (except for relapse). Characterizes disseminated encephalomyelitis… Read Article →

Why does the calf muscle spasm occur and in what cases need the help of a doctor?

Episodic muscle spasms are considered a normal physiological phenomenon, which may be caused by a lack of vitamins, circulatory disorders, and overstrain. Systematic spasms of the gastrocnemius muscles at night should cause concern, the causes of which should be determined together with the doctor. Treatment of antispasmodic attacks depends on the factor that caused the disorder. Causes of attacks Myoclonus is a group of pathologies that includes muscle spasms in… Read Article →