Causes of bruxism in children, its effects and methods of treatment

Not only the causes are dangerous, but also the consequences: dental diseases, neuralgia, sleep disorders. The treatment is chosen individually, non-drug methods and drug therapy are applied. The reasons Night attacks are studied in several areas of medicine: dentistry, otolaryngology, neurology, psychology. Accordingly, various rationales of pathology are put forward: Neurogenic origin. The gnashing of teeth in a dream is a consequence of dysfunction of the peripheral or central nervous… Read Article →

The most common cerebral vascular diseases: clinical symptoms and treatment

Violations of this process are diverse: spasms, atherosclerosis, strokes, aneurysms, stenoses, malformation. Cerebrovascular pathologies play a leading role in the disability of the population, a high percentage of deaths from stroke – the most common disease. Among the most common causes of hypertension, the presence of bad habits, diabetes, coronary artery disease. Anatomy Blood enters the brain through the paired carotid and vertebral arteries, the outflow is carried out through… Read Article →

What is neurosis: symptoms and manifestations of pathological reactions

Pathology is characterized by a long course, requires differential diagnosis with other similar diseases. Treatment is usually carried out comprehensive, including psychotherapy and medication. What is neurosis The concept first appeared in medicine at the end of the 18th century, in contrast to the morphological theory of the origin of all diseases. The term was introduced by a Scottish physician, Purchased, to distinguish a separate group of pathologies that are… Read Article →

What is sleep palsy: causes, symptoms, treatment

Scientific background Sleepy stupor is of two types: Hypnagogic – when falling asleep. Hypnopompic – immediately after waking up. From a medical point of view, the rationale is this: at the time of the fast sleep phase, all the body’s motor function is turned off, only vital organs “work”. This is necessary for a safe, relaxing mind and body. Inclusion occurs during the transition to the stage of slow sleep… Read Article →

How to enter a state of sleep paralysis and get out of stupor

Scientists have proven that paralysis is not dangerous for humans. Nevertheless, the emotions of fear and horror from the inability to move are quite real, so emotionally unstable people may suffer psyche. And yet, many dreamers are interested in how to cause sleepy paralysis, people in general are interested in the unknown secrets of consciousness. Methods for calling sleep paralysis There are many techniques that tell how to enter a… Read Article →

What is diabetic polyneuropathy – signs and symptoms of a neurological disease

Diabetes mellitus, which lasts for more than 15 years, causes the destruction of many internal organs and leads to oxygen deficiency in the peripheral nervous system. Diabetic polyneuropathy is diagnosed in 50% of diabetics. The disease affects equally patients with type 1 and 2. Damage to nerve tissue can cause serious complications, which include foot deformities and death. Etiology and causes of the disease Diabetes mellitus is an endocrine disorder,… Read Article →

Waking up when falling asleep: causes of seizures during sleep in adults and children

Complaints about startling when falling asleep can be heard quite often. Some people simply state this fact with interest. Others say that the cramps during sleep are so intense that they interfere with a good sleep. What is the reason for this phenomenon and can it not indicate any disturbances in the body’s work? What is night myoclonus Light involuntary twitching of different parts of the body in a dream… Read Article →

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder: Characteristics and Treatment Methods

Obsessive compulsive disorder Light evidence of obsessive compulsive disorder can occur in 30% of adults and a maximum of 15% of adolescents and children. Clinically confirmed cases are no more than 1%. The appearance of the first symptoms can be attributed to the age of 10 to 30 years. Usually people of 25-35 years old seek medical help. In pathology, there are two components: obsession (obsession) and compulsion (compulsion). Obsession… Read Article →

Does insomnia from overwork sometimes happen: insomnia as a consequence of playing sports

Normal healthy sleep is not only the body’s need, but also one of the sources of good health and good mood. Prolonged insomnia, most doctors consider a serious disorder that most often leads to various diseases. Often, people who are actively involved in sports suffer from sleep disorders. It is necessary to find out its main causes, methods of treatment of this disorder. Nature of insomnia Doctors call it insomnia…. Read Article →

Clinical presentation and treatment of muscular neuralgia

Causes of Various conditions can cause muscular neuralgia. Most often, the pathology is formed due to compression of the nerve trunk surrounding tissues. The disease appears for the following reasons: Diseases of the vertebral table. Neoplasms affecting the nerve endings. Traumatic injuries. Infections. Poisoning. Vitamin B deficiency Inflammations In addition, muscular neuralgia can develop in the presence of diabetes or endocrine system malfunction. Also, cardiovascular diseases, which result in insufficient… Read Article →