The list of the best drugs for the treatment of cerebral atherosclerosis: rules for use and contraindications

The percentage of disability and deaths from strokes is very high, so at the first signs of a cerebral circulation disorder, you need to change your lifestyle and begin treatment. Specific drugs, doses, treatment regimens are selected individually according to the results of the examination and taking into account contraindications. When do you need medicine? The process of forming cholesterol plaques in the inner lining of medium and large arteries… Read Article →

What to do if headache hurts: causes and possible treatment

Nape pain The appearance of pain is associated with the pathology of the following occipital structures: The skin. Occipital bones and I-VII cervical vertebrae. Cervical and occipital muscles. Vessels. There are two large groups. Superficial are from the outer side of the bones of the skull, in soft tissues. Internal are located in the substance. Described arteries and veins: occipital, posterior ear and brain, branches of the middle cerebral, located… Read Article →

What you need to know when pinched a nerve in your hand: methods of treating neuropathy

The risk of injury to a limb is high in athletes, elderly people using crutches, teenagers who love computer games, newlyweds, hugging in an uncomfortable position. An inaccurate sharp movement can cause acute pain or stiffness. If you feel discomfort, pain, numbness, tingling, or loss of movement in your hand, you should consult a doctor. Causes of pathology If a nerve is suspected, consult a surgeon or a neurologist. The… Read Article →

What is occipital nerve neuralgia and what treatment methods are used to treat it

There are many types of neuralgia. Each has its own characteristics. One of the most difficult diseases is neuritis of the occipital nerve. It has many symptoms and can send even a completely healthy person to a hospital bed. Neuralgia of the occipital nerve Neuralgia is a disease in which peripheral nerves are damaged. It is characterized by inflammation, squeezing or irritation of nerve fibers. The target of the disease… Read Article →

Treatment of insomnia folk remedies at home

Most of these products can be prepared and used at home. In each of the recipes, perennial traditions have been implemented, which were improved by medicine men, healers, and philosophers. Insomnia Insomnia is a sleep disorder that is characterized by impaired sleep, frequent wakes in the middle of the night, and early recovery. The main causes of insomnia are: Nervous excitement that occurs under the influence of stress, anxiety, prolonged… Read Article →

What pills can be prescribed for concussion: a list of drugs

Usually, therapy is aimed at eliminating pain, reducing emotional tension, increasing the elasticity of blood vessels, and preventing the exacerbation of chronic diseases. Concussion A concussion is usually understood as an uncomplicated injury resulting from a head strike in a fall, accident, fight or sports. Appears in both children and adults. Because of the damage, the brain changes its location for a while, receives a blow to the inner wall… Read Article →

Muscular dystonia – what it is and how to treat pathological muscle contraction

There is a disease in infants, older children, adults. The reasons lie in the pathological course of pregnancy, damage to the central nervous system, diseases of other organs, infections. The ICD10 code is G24. Kinds Etiology, various manifestations of the disease allow us to talk about different types of muscular dystonia. Its course is influenced by the causes, the age at which the first signs appeared, the area of ​​the… Read Article →

Types of sleep disorders in adults and their treatment methods

Types of disorders Sleep problems are found in people of different age categories, and for each age certain types of disorders are characteristic. In children, phobias, fears or incontinence are more often diagnosed, in adults – difficulties in falling asleep, awakening at night. Elderly complain of pathological drowsiness, early recovery. There are four main groups of deviations: Insomnia (insomnia) – is characterized by difficulties with falling asleep, nocturnal awakenings or… Read Article →

Stroke – causes and consequences of the blockade

Stroke – a sudden disturbance of blood flow in the brain structures, which leads to tissue necrosis. As a result of cell death, the functioning of certain areas of the brain is lost: speech is disturbed, limbs are paralyzed. The irreversibility of the effects depends on the extent of damage to the nerve cells. The disease does not appear on its own, it is a consequence of vascular pathologies. Causes… Read Article →

What is chronic insomnia, what to do if a sleep disorder becomes an obsessive state

Chronic insomnia is not an independent disease. It is associated with somatic or mental disorders. Protracted insomnia provoke such factors: alcoholism; neurological disorders (panic attacks, stress, neurosis); somatic diseases (hypertension, gastric ulcer, arthrosis, etc.); mental illness (depression, senile dementia, schizophrenia). Pathologies of the central nervous system, snoring and sleep apnea (nocturnal breathing), and concussion also have a negative impact on the quality of sleep. Other causes of chronic insomnia include… Read Article →