What are the symptoms of pinched nerve in the cervical and whether it can be cured at home

To combat this process, complex therapy is prescribed, including medication and non-drug, as well as traditional methods of treatment. Causes of pinching The pinching of the nerve in the cervical spine occurs due to the clamping of any tissue. Most often, nerve endings or roots are clamped by vertebrae or intervertebral discs. Cartilage and bone tissue are displaced due to pathologies, resulting in a pinched nerve. In this case, the… Read Article →

Intracranial Hypertension Syndrome – Indirect Signs, Symptoms and Treatment

The study of brain hypertension using computed tomography Intracranial hypertension (VCG) means an increase in intracranial pressure inside the skull. This leads to compression of the brain, which is expressed in intense, long-lasting headaches. A painful condition is diagnosed in both adults and children. Increased pressure is a secondary disease that occurs after a head injury or due to pathologies in the bone structure of the skull. General description of… Read Article →

Charcot-Marie-Tuta Disease

The characteristic features of pathology were described at the end of the 19th century by three doctors: the French, Jean-Martin Charcot, Pierre Marie, and the Englishman, Howard Henry Tout. In their honor, and the name appeared – Charcot-Marie-Tut disease. Used synonyms – hereditary motor-sensory neuropathy, neural amyotrophy. Pathology is associated with effects on peripheral nerves, resulting in the destruction of the myelin sheath or the long processes of the axon… Read Article →

What is Tourette syndrome: description, characteristics and treatment methods

The exact mechanism of onset of symptoms has not yet been determined, but there are several hypotheses. Tourette syndrome According to statistics, up to 10 children out of 1000 suffer from involuntary movements or sounds, up to 5 adults out of 10,000 try to hide tics from other people, are afraid to go out in public, to communicate with new people. Uncontrolled movements, shouting of incomprehensible words, insults, various sounds… Read Article →

Extrapyramidal disorders – features and treatment of neurological disorders

Extrapyramidal system regulates muscle tone, is responsible for the speed of motor reactions. Due to the relationship with all parts of the nervous system, higher forms of nervous activity are accessible to man. At disturbance of a tone of muscles activity of movements changes. In this case, extrapyramidal disorders are diagnosed, which are accompanied by insufficiency or excessive movement. The syndrome occurs as a result of the death of brain… Read Article →

How to prepare and take folk remedies to improve cerebral circulation

There are countless recipes that use a variety of herbs, fruits, honey products. Some fees are sold ready-made in pharmacies, others can be made independently. With atherosclerosis Atherosclerosis is associated with the deposition and accumulation of cholesterol on the inner walls of blood vessels. This is an important connection for the human body. It contributes to the conclusion of toxic substances, prevents the occurrence of malignant tumors, activates the production… Read Article →

Exercises to help quickly get rid of snoring at home

Anyone can snore: man, woman, child. The causes are different, but the decrease in muscle tone of the soft palate is more common. Medicines and devices are not always able to help. In such cases, it is worth doing exercises against snoring: from a variety of techniques, anyone will select a comfortable gymnastics. How exercises for the larynx help get rid of snoring All complexes of respiratory gymnastics, yoga, physical… Read Article →

Modern methods of treating snoring using surgery

Snoring is a process caused by interference with the airways. For its treatment is often used surgical intervention, characterized by high efficiency. More about the operation In case of interference in the respiratory tract, an operation called uvulopaloplasty (in other words, uvulotomy) is recommended. This is a surgical intervention with the help of which the air passability is normalized. The site of the operation can be the soft palate, the… Read Article →

Is it dangerous to pinch the nerve in the hip joint and how to treat it?

From the health of the hip joints depends on the motor function of a person. Injuries or neuralgia, left without treatment, lead to consequences up to the complete impossibility to walk on their own. Pinched nerve in the hip joint often occurs due to traumatic effects or pregnancy. It is accompanied by severe pain and requires urgent treatment. Types of trapping With severe pain, giving up in the leg, it… Read Article →

Causes, symptoms and methods of treatment of pinched nerve in the lower back

The reasons Pinched nerve occurs due to its compression by the intervertebral disc, displaced vertebrae, muscle spasm, new formations. The main factors for the occurrence of pathology include: Intervertebral hernia. This is probably the most common reason. There is a protrusion of the structure of the intervertebral disc, which squeezes the nerve root. Osteochondrosis. The disease leads to the destruction of the intervertebral discs and the structure of the vertebra…. Read Article →