What causes hypersomnia, how it manifests itself and what to do with increased sleepiness

A normal night sleep of a healthy person lasts from 5 to 12 hours, on average, 8 hours. A pathological condition occurs with a duration of sleep of 12 hours and above. It is very difficult to wake a person. During the day, he feels lethargy and fatigue, inability to concentrate. Performance decreases sharply. Hypersomnia may be repeated periodically or permanently present. What causes hypersomnia? Hypersomnia may be due to… Read Article →

Simple techniques of relaxing meditation for insomnia available to everyone.

To maintain health and update the body’s energy reserves, a proper sleep pattern is necessary. Meditation for deep sleep will help calm the mind and harmonize the mind for a smooth and fast immersion into the world of dreams. How can bedtime meditation be helpful? Meditation for insomnia is aimed at normalizing the emotional state and purifying the mind from the “noise” of incessant thoughts. The relaxation of muscular muscles… Read Article →

Symptoms, treatment and effects of tick-borne encephalitis

The virus spreads through the spinal cord and brain of children or adults, leading to severe intoxication and damage to the central nervous system. If untreated, severe forms of the disease cause paralysis, intellectual impairment, and death. General information Tick-borne encephalitis is a focal disease that occurs in specific geographic areas. The causative agent of the disease is an RNA-virus (arbovirus), the carrier of which is an encephalitic ixodic tick… Read Article →

What is vascular dementia: what is the cause of the violations and is it possible to eliminate them

It is manifested by a progressive weakening of memory, a deterioration in the speed of thinking, pathologies of abstract thinking and speech, spatial orientation, imagination and other elements of the mental-will and mental sphere. The diagnosis is made on the basis of clinical research data and additional diagnostic methods (auscultation of the great vessels of the head, ophthalmoscopy, biochemical analysis of blood, duplex scanning, ultrasound dopplerography). Causes of illness By… Read Article →

Laryngeal neurosis: symptoms, diagnosis and methods of treatment

Throat neurosis A characteristic feature of the neurosis of the pharynx is the appearance of unusual sensations in the throat. These include a complete loss of sensitivity, the appearance of a sensation of coma, a foreign object. The disorder affects mainly women after 20 years. The combination of the causes and signs of the manifestation of the disorder allows you to select several of its types. Anesthesia Anesthesia-type disorder is… Read Article →

Evening bedtime yoga for deep relaxation

Yoga poses against sleep disorders Yoga instructors note that evening practice is the best practice for setting the right biorhythms and acquiring a good mood. All day at work and at home, people face many problems that they cannot but think about, including at night during sleep. Properly chosen asanas, meditation or Padmasana will help to quickly fall asleep. Evening yoga before bedtime for deep relaxation will stop the internal… Read Article →

For the diagnosis of which diseases is assigned Echo EG: the procedure and interpretation of the results

The essence of the study The human brain plays a major role in the work of the entire nervous system. A small failure in the work of this body can lead to impaired coordination of the human body. A thorough examination will help identify the causes of the disease. Brain echoencephalography is a reliable and affordable method of research presented by medicine. The procedure is absolutely painless. It can be… Read Article →

Why there is insomnia after binge and how to deal with it at home

Insomnia can torture an alcoholic after a binge due to disturbances in the central nervous system caused by intoxication of the body. Unhealthy psycho-emotional state of the patient contributes to sleep disorders. Why after binge insomnia occurs To understand why, after a long bout, insomnia occurs, it is necessary to determine which factors cause disturbances in the central nervous system. Systematic use of alcohol causes persistent abnormalities in the work… Read Article →

What herbs can you drink for insomnia – real grandmother’s recipes

Medicinal plants are the best substitutes for many synthetic medications. They are not only no less effective, but also do not have such an extensive list of side effects. Many insomnia herbs are used to produce drugs that can be bought at the pharmacy. This once again proves their effectiveness and harmlessness. Suggested recipes for teas and tinctures for insomnia are easy to prepare at home. No special skills are… Read Article →

What is dangerous intercostal neuralgia in a pregnant woman and what methods can be used to treat it during gestation

The reasons During pregnancy, a woman’s body goes through a serious restructuring, and neuralgia can develop against this background. A change in the position of the internal organs and the appearance of increased pressure on the nerve endings in different parts of the body are noted. When carrying a child, especially women with spine neuralgia often encounter women who have previously had abnormalities in the spine. The following factors contribute… Read Article →