Why leg cramps occur: causes, diagnosis and treatment

Muscle contractions bother many, they can affect the calves, feet, thighs. Cramps in the legs appear most often, accompanied by unbearable pain. In order to get rid of limb spasms, you need to determine the cause of the violation. Characteristic of spasms Nerve impulses regulate muscle contractions. The functioning of skeletal muscles depends on brain activity and is arbitrary. When the muscle tenses involuntarily, a cramp occurs. Movement in the… Read Article →

What pills can be taken during pregnancy to get rid of a headache

The fetus is especially vulnerable during the first trimester, when organs and systems are being laid, and the placenta is not yet fully formed. If the head of the future mother hurts often and severely, medications are indispensable. But you need to clearly know which medicines can be consumed and which ones are strictly prohibited. Why the headache and what to do with it? Waiting for the child is a… Read Article →

Methods for the prevention of dementia that will be effective at any age

One of the “side effects” of longevity is dementia. And also at risk associated with a decrease in cognitive functions, there are people of young and middle age. Therefore, physicians all over the world have for a long time been fighting not only for the extension of human life, but also for its quality. What it is? The sonorous diagnosis of “dementia” (Latin dementia – insanity) hides the depressing signs… Read Article →

The main types of sleep disorders, a review of the causes and methods of treatment

Sleep disorder and insomnia are both of a primary nature, that is, they occur independently, and secondary – they appear against the background of other diseases. Pathologies are observed at any age, but older people most often suffer from them. Timely identification of the causes of the violation, their elimination stabilize the patient’s condition, return him the joy of life. Insomnia Of the many types of sleep disorders, insomnia is… Read Article →

Severe headache, or How not to become a hostage to your own head

There are a lot of ways to deal with painful sensations in the head, some of them do not involve the use of medicines. Everyone chooses a specific solution of the problem independently, however it is useful to have a general idea of ​​different ways to eliminate pain. Headache tablets If the home first aid kit has a broad-spectrum pain killer, you can take it. Almost all drugs begin to… Read Article →

How to quickly get rid of insomnia, simple methods of treatment at home

For a number of reasons, the struggle with insomnia now occupies the minds of many people. Regular stress, chronic diseases and other adverse factors lead to the fact that quite a few people are getting enough sleep. In varying degrees, almost everyone faces the problem of lack of sleep. If the “night vigil” are extremely rarely repeated episodes, then there is no reason to worry. Everyone has exciting moments in… Read Article →

Asthenic syndrome – what it is, symptoms and methods of treatment of the disease

Among those whose professional activities are connected with irregular working hours, night shifts, the symptoms of this condition occur to one degree or another in 90% of cases. Asthenia worsens the quality of life of patients, and severe forms of the disorder can completely deprive patients of their working capacity. Research on the causes of pathology, the mechanism of its development, measures for diagnosis and treatment continues today, although scientists… Read Article →

What is cerebral ischemia and what consequences can this condition lead to?

Ischemia of the brain: basic concepts The brain is the main organ of the person, belonging to the central nervous system. In humans, the large brain represents: 2 large hemispheres; intermediate brain; midbrain; cerebellum; medulla. All structures of the skull have a unique histological structure and perform specific functions. With the defeat of one of the parts of the organ of thinking, somatic disorders occur, which over time can be… Read Article →

Why brain encephalopathy occurs: provoking factors and therapies

The violation is complex, develops gradually, has a negative impact on all spheres of human life. It is not possible to completely cure it, but on time, started treatment and prevention reduce the risk of complications. Description Encephalopathy of the brain of complex genesis is understood as a pathological condition associated with the death of neurons and the destruction of connections between them. It occurs as a syndrome against the… Read Article →

Genetic fatal insomnia – a family curse that is inherited

Causes of Fatal Family Insomnia Until recently, official medicine did not recognize family insomnia and attributed its symptoms to schizophrenia. However, with an increase in the number of cases of rare pathology described, the opinion of doctors began to change. The breakthrough came in the 70s, when the Italian medical doctor Ignazio Reuter managed to establish that familial insomnia is hereditary. Two aunts and uncles of his wife died from… Read Article →