How can we determine the beginning of the development of meningitis in a child?

The disease is very dangerous, requires immediate treatment. Often has a poor prognosis, ends in disability or death. Meningitis The disease is characterized by inflammation of the lining of the brain of various origins. It affects mainly children of preschool age from 3 years. The most susceptible to the disease are premature babies, children who have had purulent inflammatory diseases in infancy, who have suffered a birth trauma, who have… Read Article →

What is heart neurosis: symptoms, differential diagnosis and treatment

Cardioneurosis Heart disease neurosis does not exist. Its manifestations are usually attributed to panic disorders, corresponding to F41.0 in the ICD. Cardioneurosis is defined as a functional disorder of a psychosomatic nature. Unlike true heart disease, pathology is not associated with organic lesions. They may appear in neurosis sufferers for several years. Most often, the disorder occurs in people from 14 to 50 years, mostly women. In men, it is… Read Article →

How apnea is manifested in children: symptoms and causes of respiratory failure during sleep

Pediatric apnea syndrome is a condition in which sleep has stopped for more than 10 seconds in infants, babies, or older children after a year. Often, it is accompanied by a decrease in heart rate, pallor or cyanosis of the skin. This syndrome can occur at any age. Apnea in newborns is one of the most common causes of sudden infant death syndrome. Causes Apnea in newborns and in older… Read Article →

What is the cause of seizures in children: classification, diagnostic measures, methods of treatment

Thoughts filled with memories of the terrible pictures of convulsions patients with epilepsy. But stress will pass, everything will fall into place. As soon as the baby becomes easier, you can safely understand the causes of the incident. The mechanism of occurrence and causes Spasms are involuntary contractions of muscles that occur under the influence of too much excitation of neurons in the motor part of the brain. They mainly… Read Article →

Pinching the brachial nerve: a little trouble or a serious pathology?

If a radial nerve is strangled, only a doctor can help. It does not hurt to pre-recall what preceded the appearance of pain. Causes of pathology The mechanism of formation of the disease state is simple – the muscles and tissues surrounding the radial nerve squeeze the nerve bundles. There are pain in the course of the movement of the nerve – neuralgia. The reasons for its appearance are varied:… Read Article →

Why can headache in the forehead and how to get rid of discomfort

Pain in the forehead Discomfort and soreness in the forehead area arises from the defeat of various structures located directly in this or a nearby area of ​​the head. Inflammations are: Sinuses The frontals are above the eyebrows. The back walls separate them from the brain, the lower ones are the structural part of the sockets. Anatomically, the maxillary sinuses do not belong to the forehead, but they often cause… Read Article →

The principle of action of drugs for the cleansing of blood vessels: effective prevention of vascular pathologies

All this leads to a deterioration in the blood supply to the brain tissue, neurological disorders, increased pressure. The latter factor is often the cause of hemorrhagic strokes, fraught with persistent disability or death. Modern medicine offers several groups of drugs that cleanse the blood vessels and restore cerebral circulation. When and why to clean the vessels? The presence of chronic diseases of the cardiovascular, endocrine systems is the basis… Read Article →

What to do if tortured headache during pregnancy: safe drugs and folk remedies

During childbirth, pain of any nature is difficult to tolerate. Especially unpleasant headache during pregnancy. The painful process is complicated by the inability to use the usual analgesic drugs. The selection of medicines is carried out by a doctor, based on the picture of the manifestation of spasms. Causes of pain attacks Headaches during pregnancy signal a painful process occurring in the body. They cannot be ignored. Repeated prolonged spasms… Read Article →

Neurosis of the stomach and intestines: why it appears and how to treat

Neurosis of the stomach A feature of the gastrointestinal tract is the location in it of a large number of nerve endings. Strong stress, depression, and fright through the release of stress hormones often lead to severe irritation and failure of the entire digestive system. The resulting gastroneurosis control the force of the will is impossible. Sometimes it is complemented by irritable bowel syndrome. The disorder most often occurs in… Read Article →

What are the symptoms of pinched nerve in the cervical and whether it can be cured at home

To combat this process, complex therapy is prescribed, including medication and non-drug, as well as traditional methods of treatment. Causes of pinching The pinching of the nerve in the cervical spine occurs due to the clamping of any tissue. Most often, nerve endings or roots are clamped by vertebrae or intervertebral discs. Cartilage and bone tissue are displaced due to pathologies, resulting in a pinched nerve. In this case, the… Read Article →