All about the causes, symptoms, effects and treatment of adult bruxism

This psychosomatic phenomenon can be the result of stress, dysfunction of the nervous system or internal organs, dental abnormalities, unsuccessful prosthetics. Systematic seizures lead to abrasion, defects in tooth enamel, and cause sleep disorders. The doctor selects the tactics of treatment individually, based on the factors causing the disease. The reasons It is necessary to distinguish night bruxism from the daily motor activity of the maxillofacial muscles – bruxiomania, which… Read Article →

In which cases antispasmodics for headache can be prescribed and how to take them correctly

To prescribe a specific drug in pills should a doctor based on the diagnosis and condition of the patient, the presence of specific contraindications. Why antispasmodics help with headaches Cephalgia is rarely primary in nature and is usually a symptom of other diseases. Most often, pain in the head occurs on the background of somatic pathologies, cerebrovascular disorders, hyperthermia, with high blood pressure. Many of these conditions cause a reduction… Read Article →

What kind of illness is Huntington’s chorea and is it possible to completely cure it?

Chorea In a person who has heard the word “chorea” for the first time in his life, the first association can be with choreography, dancing. Indeed, the name of the disease comes from the Greek word “choreia”, which means dance, dance. The movements of the patient resemble chaotic dance performances. They are caused by involuntary contractions of muscles of various parts of the body. Kinds The etiology of diseases associated… Read Article →

What does a meningitis rash look like and how does it differ from other types of rash

Infection occurs through airborne droplets from the carrier of the infection, which is in a latent or active state. During the 10 days of the incubation period, the pathogenic flora multiplies actively in the body and leads to the first signs of the disease: rash, headaches, impaired motor and speech function, and other disorders. Meningitis and its causes Meningitis is a pathology that affects the membranes of the brain and… Read Article →

What is myoclonus: do involuntary muscle contractions need to be treated

Symptoms occur at any age, even in a newly born child. Causes may have a natural and pathological nature. Myoclonus A person rarely thinks about the processes that are necessary in order to make some movement. Breath, heartbeat is made involuntarily. Learning some kind of action is intentional, but everything that stands behind the intention is not controlled. The process is regulated by a well-functioning work of the neuromuscular system…. Read Article →

Why there is a tremor of the limbs and head: causes, types, diagnosis and prognosis of treatment

However, why a person is shaking, this phenomenon is associated with pathology, age or temporary discomfort, only a doctor can say. It is more often observed in older people, but it also occurs in young people with hypothermia, fever, certain diseases. The reasons Causes to the occurrence of tremor causes associated with the disease, the peculiarities of human response to certain situations and environmental conditions. The basis of a whole… Read Article →

Constant cramps in the arms and legs – a dangerous symptom or innocuous overstrain

The cause of muscle spasm can be anything from physical overstrain to the presence of a malignant tumor. If involuntary muscular contractions recur frequently, consult a doctor. Single spasms can be removed independently at home, recurring require examination and appropriate treatment. Definition Spasm is an involuntary contraction of striated or smooth muscle fibers, accompanied by pain. The work of skeletal muscles is regulated by the central nervous system by direct… Read Article →

Narcolepsy – sudden sleep disease

Narcolepsy is a pathology of the nervous system characterized by sudden bouts of daytime sleepiness. Other names for the disease are Gelino disease, essential narcolepsy. The disease itself is not fatal, but accidents during episodes of narcolepsy are common. Symptoms of Narcolepsy To determine the presence of pathology can be on the following grounds: excessive daytime sleepiness; sleep paralysis; hallucinations, frightening dreams; snoring – it provokes relaxation of the throat… Read Article →

What is the difference between clonic seizures and other types of muscle spasms?

The difference lies in the duration of the contraction: with tonic muscle spasm remains in this state for some time, and the clonic muscles look like a twitching of a single muscle, limb, or convulsions of the whole body. In the second type of seizures, movements are the result of alternate relaxation and contraction of muscle fibers. The combined clonic-tonic variant is often observed during epileptic seizures, when different types… Read Article →

In which cases can not do without vasodilator drugs for the brain: a list of drugs, side effects, contraindications

Increased pressure on the walls of blood vessels leads to their deformation, thinning, which is fraught with hemorrhagic strokes. In osteochondrosis of the spine in the neck, the main arteries are infringed. Pathological processes are accompanied by headache, deterioration of cognitive functions and coordination, other neurological disorders. When are vasodilators necessary? Disruption of cerebral circulation initially manifested symptoms of fatigue. A person does not get enough sleep, feels constantly tired,… Read Article →